Father's Day Wishes

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Dad... You have an understanding heart... And a source of strength thats amazing You have it all! Happy Father's Day to SUPERDAD!
A little girl needs Daddy For many, many things: Like holding her high off the ground Where the sunlight sings! Like being the deep music That tells her all is right When she awakens frantic with The terrors of the night. Like being the great mountain That rises in her heart And shows her how she might get home When all else falls apart. Like giving her the love That is her sea and air, So diving deep or soaring high She'll always find him there.
For the best dad who always had a smile for me - Happy Father's Day!
Thank you dad, for believing in me always! Here's wishing you a Fabulous Father's Day!
Dad, you ignored your happiness and accepted the struggles of life to make us happy. We have no words to thank you. Love you dad!
Wishing you all the joy You so richly deserve On this day In Honor of You! Happy Father's Day!

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