This site is about wishes...a word that makes our hearts skip a beat! Right from our childhood to our young age and even after that, we relate to this mysterious word in our own sweet way. Actually, if we go to see - 'wish' is the driving force of our lives. We live in hope of realising our wishes, our parents' wishes, our loved ones' wishes and want the same for our family and friends.

Remember the good old days when we awaited Christmas and Santa Claus to fulfill our wish list. We miss Santa after Christmas and then decide to behave well, obey elders and work sincerely so that next year our wishes may be granted without fail.

Then comes a time when we want the wishes fulfilled for our sons and daughters. We bless them, support them, pray for them. In the course of life, some of our wishes are fulfilled and some are not. We grow. We understand. We come to terms with life and God. There is a time when we start feeling thankful for our share of peace and happiness that life has given us. Eventually, from seekers we become givers. We work towards fulfilling others' wishes and suddenly realize that 'getting' is not so pleasing as 'giving'. We experience that sponsoring the education of a deprived child or giving company to an enderly lady at the old age home are immensely pleasure giving and gratifying. We realize that life is not about realising wishes but fulfilling them!

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Wishes bring a smile on your loved ones face. Whether you are opting for personalized gifts for birthdays or business and corporate gifts to motivate, they are incomplete without heartfelt wishes. Here you will find the perfect, rare wishes to express your feelings to anyone on any occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary or holiday and festivals like Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more.
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