Christmas Lights

The spirit of Christmas is incomplete without the magical display of shimmering Christmas lights. As holiday makers throng shopping malls and local stores, markets and advertising billboards light up with an array of light decorations sprucing up the festive fever! What is so special about Christmas lights that makes our eyes dance and fills us with instant energy to gear up for the holiday season?

Residents and communities unite to compete against one another to make their homes and localities the most attractive in the run up to the grand celebrations. One can see entire cities dressed up in the most colourful of decorations from miles away, adding glamour to the skylines and exhibiting a sense of pride. This festive season go all out in making your Christmas the best ever with these amazing ideas for decorations with Christmas Lights:

  1. Hanging Lights

While you dress up your homes for Christmas with the various decorations, do remember to include hanging lights on the front eves of the house that are visible even from the streets far away. There is a wide variety of selection of hanging lights; from the sparkling multi-coloured ones, clear icicle lights to the alternating colours of C9 lights. You can also hang vine baskets in the balcony rails that are have little pearl lights strewn all over.

  1. Christmas Tree Lights

Decorate your Christmas tree as well as the lovely pine or leafy trees in your garden and surrounding areas with a string of LED mini lights that display the outline of the tree creating a magical aura of Christmas spirit. You can also have glass baubles and glowing cylinders to add a magical look. Streets lined up with rows of decorated trees will add the required glamour to your neighbourhood this festive season!

  1. Rooftop Lights

Let your home become the talking point of your neighbourhood with some impressive rooftop lights. You can decorate with bright lights on flat eves to give a unique look of peaks that will enhance the beauty of your home. Hanging lanterns on hooks from the rooftops of a shed or garage is also a safe option to add to the festive look.

  1. Christmas Lights for pillars and arches

Make the pillars and arches stand out beautifully in your homes by decorating them with glittering lights. You can also have strings of alternating lights for the doors and windows that will make your festivities even grander. Illuminate the lamp-posts as well with glowing globes or garland lights.

  1. Lighting for Gardens, Fences and Archways

Mesmerize your neighbours and put up a brilliant show of glimmering lights by decorating up the bushes in your garden, the fence and even the main archways that makes your home look lively! You can also hang lanterns and paper lamps from railings or branches of a sturdy tree.

  1. Outdoor Light Displays

Join hands with your neighbours to put up huge light displays that are built on themes like the Gingerbread House, Christmas Train Ride or the popular Santa Sleigh that will not only create excitement amongst the children but also instil a sense of communal harmony within the community members heightening the festive spirit!

  1. Colourful Wreaths and Christmas Stars

Add finishing touches to your Christmas decorations by hanging a huge Christmas star made from rows of lights that will be the centre of attraction of your lively display. You can also have a Christmas wreath lit up with beautiful lights to add more splendour to your glamorous decorations this season. You can also create replicas of Snowman or Santa at the home entrance that can be decorated with mini lights to give a unique look!

Spread the holiday cheer this Christmas with these inspirational decoration ideas that will make for a heavenly display this festival. Be it the traditional light bulbs, sparkles or lamps or the modern eco-friendly energy efficient lights, glitz up your homes and outdoors with unique lighting themes that will surely make your holidays magical and delightful!