Farewell Wishes

Wish you a smooth sailing ahead and a path full of joy. May all your dreams come true in the future!
Sometimes you only realize how important people are in your life only when you bid farewell to them.
Over this long period of time we spent together, you became more than just a colleague for me. You became a friend and even a mentor to me. Your presence shall be really missed. Wishing you great luck for your future plans.
May the path to your destination be easy. May good luck and cheer follow you wherever you go!
We wish this farewell is temporary and takes you a step closer to a new beginning.
The tiring office hours seemed much more relaxed when you were around. You will be missed with every passing day. But let that not take you down. All the best for your future endeavours.
It is rare that one finds a good friend in a colleague. I cannot forget that you were always willing to extend a helping hand. As you embark upon a new path, you have my heartfelt wishes and sentiments.
I bid you farewell as you take this next step in your life. May you always be happy and healthy.
Thank you for all those times you brought a smile to my face. I bid you farewell and lots of love.
From the lovely coffee breaks to the grilling long hour schedules, you have always been a great company. It would be hard to replace a colleague like you. Best of Luck!
It is amazing how work became fun when you were around. You were not just a colleague but a very good friend too. Have a wonderful life ahead and keep in touch!
I am happy for all the times we shared. Whenever I need to smile I know I can look back to them. I will wait for the time till I see you next. Good bye.
It has been an enriching experience to work with someone like you. You will remain my best colleague ever.
May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
Saying goodbye is the hardest part of a relationship but sometimes it is the best thing that can happen.
Parting has a bitter sweetness. Bitter for the present separation and sweet for the future longing. Hope this farewell is for a short period.
It's time to move on to conquer new battles and scale new heights but we wish that you don't forget the old friends who have loved you always.
As you embark upon a new path, let us wish you many moments of happiness, success and achievements. May in each moment you live your dreams.
The earth is a sphere - so a goodbye is always a new beginning. We wish you all the best on your way forward.
In the journey of life you meet several people who are hard to forget. I am glad to meet a person like you. Hope the path ahead is smooth for you and you reach your goal without a fuss. Farewell!
Morning classes, college canteen, games and sports, late night studies. Through thick and thin, always together. But now its time to part from each other. But its not the final goodbye, see you soon.
Even when you are saying a goodbye make a promise to say hello again.
The truest feelings for one are known when you are bidding goodbye to them.
The hardest thing to do is to say goodbye but at least it has a ‘good' attached to it that promises a better tomorrow.
As it is your last day with us we'd like to thank you for being a great manager, mentor and guide. May you shine always wherever you go.
Our evenings are farewells. Our parties are testaments. So that the secret stream of suffering. May warm the cold of life.
As you enter a new phase of life and life goes on day by day Don't forget to keep in touch and fondly do we say - You'll always be thought of here in the most cherished way!
Goodbye is not forever Goodbye is not the end It simply means I'll miss you Until we meet again...
It's a small world! We'll meet again. Till then you'll be sadly missed.
A memory lasts forever, and never does it die, True friends stay together and never say goodbye.
Just a note to say...As you move into a new venture...may luck and success always be with you!
Thank you for all your support. I will keep the memories and your wishes in my heart.
Have a wonderful life ahead. Hope you find the path that leads to your dreams!
Wish we could stick around for a little more time, but life has set some other amazing plans for you. Here's wishing you a bright future ahead! Don't forget to keep in touch!
My goodbye should not make you sad as you are going to pursue something better. Hope God bestows you with success as you take a new path.
Not always do you find a friend in a colleague. But here I was lucky. Hope we retain this friendship even after you have moved out. Bidding you goodbye with the hope to meet you soon.
It will be difficult to find a friend like you. But let that not hold you to me. Wish you all the success for future.
May sun shine on the path you have chosen to walk on. Wishing you all the success for life.
Thank you for all the loving memories, wishes and supports. Those are the assets of my life.
May this goodbye only be momentary till the time we meet again. May the coming days bring you success and fulfillment at work as well as in your personal life.
Remember me with a smile that warms a heart. Remember me for the miles we walked together and got lost to find new paths. Always remember me for the good.
A wave of hand, few drops of tears, Never thought of farewell all these years, Smile always and keep in touch- I say to all my peers!
Maybe tomorrow will be a new day without you but your teachings will always guide us.
Though it's time to part, I want you to know that you have always been special to me for all the great moments we have shared together.
Have heard once that each goodbye only makes a hello closer. Hope this farewell is only temporary and we meet sooner than expected.
Though it is your farewell, you are leaving behind a legacy that will guide the young ones towards the right path.