Halloween Wishes from the Witches

It was the night before Halloween, when a little girl called Mary had a terrible dream. She was flying on a broom across the mountains to a distant land that dropped her off right in the middle of a jungle. As she walked around the trees, she saw a strange lady appear before her.

White Witch – Dressed in pure white, she wore an icy crown and carried a magic wand. She called upon Mary and said with a wicked smile “Come here darling, you look lost. Why don’t you join me for supper at my house?” Mary was scared but she had no choice because the jungle was rumoured to have hungry lions that would surely eat her up. So she followed the witch to her beautiful palace that was decorated with many chocolates! After dinner, the Witch announced “Now that you have had your fill, you must serve me forever. You are my prisoner and I will leave you only on one condition. You must spread the message of the White Witch to all your friends and promise to visit me again with my favourite chocolates”. Mary agreed quickly and ran away as fast as she could to find her broom and get back home.

Look out for the Witch in White, She looks beautiful and is a pretty sight,

Beware of her magical wand, she can eat up a lion and turn you to sand,

If you see her, run as fast as you could, this Halloween I wish you all the Good!”

Mary ran through the jungle and came upon a small little hut filled with light. Hearing laughter and voices of small children, Mary knocked on the door that was opened by a little boy. Mary was surprised to see many black cats surrounding the old lady with a peaky hat. She narrated her problem to the old woman who in turn told Mary to perform a magic trick. If she succeeded she would be transported back to her house else would be turned into a cat, just like the other children who sat around her in the form of cats!

Old Witch – Mary was terrified as she realized the old woman was none other than the headmistress of the famous Magic School! Mary, with help from the little boy learnt one of the tricks from his magic book and did her best as she passed her test by turning a stone into a flower. Surprised at Mary’s feat, the happy Witch called her servant and asked him to take back Mary to her parents. Mary thanked the witch and the little boy and bid farewell as she flew above the jungle and reached her home.

Celebrate Halloween with gifts and candies; learn a trick or two to fool you friends, but lock your doors and windows tight, you don’t want scary black cats in your sight!” Happy Halloween!

It was Halloween and Mary got ready to play trick-or-treat with her friends. She visited the neighbours, collected candies and was enjoying the night as she made her way to the corner house with her friends. The door opened mysteriously to a large gingerbread house decorated with loads of candies on the rooftop. The girls grabbed the candies and were about to leave the house when the door closed behind them. Suddenly, the silence was broken with horrific laughter as they stood terrified. Mary closed her eyes in prayer and when she opened them, saw that her friends were missing!

Evil Queen – The Evil Queen with a wicked smile and mirror in her hand stood before her and having heard frightening stories about this witch, Mary wondered what her fate would bring. The queen scolded Mary for entering her home without permission and ordered to bring a hundred birds for her dinner in exchange for her friends, whom the Evil Queen had captured inside her crystal ball. Mary was terrified and started searching for birds in the dark of the night, worrying for her poor friends and wishing for some magic to happen.

The bats fly in the dark skies, vampires howl with blood-shot eyes;

The goblins in white are giving you a scare; devils and ghosts are also there,

Let the mysterious happenings begin, as you have a Spooky Halloween!”

Mary was scared of losing her friends and as she walked hurriedly through the jungle, she saw a beautiful fairy coming towards her. She brought news that the Good Witch had come to know of her problems and was offering help.

Glinda the Good Witch – Glinda welcomed Mary to her cottage and told Mary that she would give her a hundred birds if she agreed to dress up as the Good Witch next Halloween. Mary happily agreed and thanked the witch for the birds that she produced with a wave of her magic wand. Mary carried the birds and went back to the Evil Queen’s house.

Magic and mystery fills the night, jack-o-lanterns are a frightening sight;

Dress up as witches or wizards to scare, Have a fun-filled Halloween Night this year! “


She quickly handed over the birds to the Evil Queen and ran out of the house with her friends. With a secret smile on her face and bags full of candy, Mary reached home and after a lovely dinner with her parents, she went to sleep, tired after her strange adventures.

In the middle of the night, she felt as if being lifted off her bed. She opened her eyes to see that she was once again on the wicked broom flying to some unknown place. She tried to get off it, but failed; she screamed in vain as everyone was fast asleep. Before she realized what was happening, the broom landed on the ground in front of a large fountain. As she gazed into the water, a lady with a green face emerged from behind.

Wicked Witch – The Wicked Witch had learnt about Mary’s agreement with the Good Witch and out of jealousy, warned Mary to take back her promise to dress up as the Good Witch and wear the costume of the Wicked Witch instead. Mary was tired and was in no mood to listen to the witch. Angered by the little girl’s rebellion, the witch took out her magic wand and was about to put a spell on Mary, when a giant broom came to her rescue and carried Mary away.

Be brave and face your fears, as the magic of Halloween nears;

Celebrate the night with friends and family, throw a party and make merry!” Happy Halloween!


Surprised with the sudden turn of events, Mary finds herself back on her bed with her favourite dolls beside her. She realizes instantly that her mind had played tricks again and it was another one of her scary dreams! Happily she joins her family to prepare for the Halloween celebrations that evening!

Happy Halloween!